Evolving Organizations

Evolving Organizations

By: Faizan Haq, Editor-in-chief & Publisher, Your Bliss Magazine


Evolving individuals shape evolving organizations. The evolution of mankind has proven that our species has a special skill for adapting and advancing its quality of life based on its own inventions and discoveries. It is only natural that the collective achievements of our species exceed its own capacity to learn at an individual level. Organizations are groups of individuals working together to achieve a certain goal or purpose. 


Every passing day changes us irreversibly, as chronologically we are growing. Consciously or subconsciously, our daily interactions accumulate as behavioral-shaping learning experiences. These behavioral patterns set habitual reactions to situations we face. This process starts early on as a child and continues until our last breath. 


Our future brings us endless opportunities to start new patterns of behavior based on conscientious effort to accumulate effective interactions with our working and/or living environments. Let’s take one example; setting our schedule to eat or drink. What time, what items, what amount, what type, and how frequently we should be eating or hydrating ourselves are the questions we must answer. Second-tier questions deal with the quality or the content of what we need to consume. Many diet programs, keep providing answers to these questions based on the latest research on what needs to be done to make our diet healthier. 


The most important question we need to ask is, “Why do all that?” The answer to “why” is the key to consistently performing those actions that will shape the behavior of the individual or the organization for the better. Our actions create habits that are based on our reactions to situations. Habits are the behavioral patterns that we develop while learning from our reactions to our environment. 


Hence, if we want to be an evolving individual that helps in the evolution of an organization, we should always be embracing evolution. Evolution is change. Change is inevitable. One must control one’s own evolution by deciding and setting up new patterns of behavior and learning experiences. When we do this exercise as an organization we turn our organization into a positively evolving organization. The advancement and the progress of the organization are, then unstoppable.

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